Botanical Linen Room Spray

Botanical Linen Room Spray

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Freshen your home, invigorate your linens, deodorise your car or aid sleep with Studio MiLK’s range of Botanical Linen Sprays. A beautiful blend of calming essential oils to gently “aromarise” and  deodorise your space.

Available in 3 botanical essential oil blends: 

  • Wild Lavender + Thyme
  • Orange Zest + Grapefruit
  • Wild Mint + Eucalyptus

So many uses:  

  • Aid sleep and create a sense of calm before bedtime with a gentle spray on your pillow.
  • Invigorate your linens with a light spray over your ironing or on a cloth added to your dryer. Especially useful for sheets and pillow cases to add a hint of luxury to your linen cupboard.
  • Freshen your bedroom closet and naturally repel moths
  • Expecting guests? Make your home smell amazing with a quick spray at the entrance to your home, over artificial or fake flowers or through the towels in your guest toilet.  
  • Decrease the musky damp smell of your bathroom after use, with a generous splash over your damp towels. As they dry, the beautiful aromas will fill the room ready for the following day.
  • Are you a yogi? One of the most beautiful relaxing ways to start your session is with a whiff of a relaxing essential oil. A few sprays over your yoga mat will make downward dog even more enjoyable!!
  • Deodorise your car, with a quick spritz over the floor mats, childrens car seats or as an air neutraliser.

Ingredients - Deionised aqua, essential oils, ethanol denatured